Faculty and Staff

<strong>Maureen Bauer, Lead Teacher</strong>
Maureen Bauer, Lead Teacher
Maureen received her Bachelor of Arts degree in elementary education with her NJ state teaching certificate from Fairleigh Dickinson University in Madison, NJ. Maureen received her Montessori teaching credential for early childhood ages 2 ½-6 from CMTE/NJ in 2002. Once she received her certification, she was invited to work with the teacher training program as support staff in the Math and Language curriculum. In addition, Maureen has worked for CMTE as a field consultant, as well as a supervising teacher mentoring interns. Maureen has been teaching for the past 17+ years in Montessori primary classrooms. Maureen has lived in New Jersey until just recently. She moved to Red Hill to be closer to her son, Adam and his wife, Sarah and her first grandchild, Savannah, who was born in December. Maureen lives with her husband, Carl and their rescue pup, Bailey. When she is not teaching, Maureen enjoys reading, walks with Bailey, yoga, and visiting her new grandbaby.

<strong><strong><strong>Kathryn Delaney, Preprimary Assistant Teacher</strong></strong></strong>
Kathryn Delaney, Preprimary Assistant Teacher
Ms. Katie holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts/Art Education Degrees from the Moore College of Art and Design. She is enrolled in the Montessori Teacher Training program, MITE, located in Wilmington, Delaware. Katie is currently completing a self-directed internship in the Toddler Program here at the International Montessori Schools. She has been with IM schools since 2013. Katie particularly enjoys introducing very creative art activities to her young Toddlers and they in turn are enthusiastic young Artists.

<strong><strong><strong><strong>Israa Ahmed, Before Care and After Care Assistant Teacher</strong></strong></strong></strong>
Israa Ahmed, Before Care and After Care Assistant Teacher
Israa Ahmed is an Assistant Teacher who works with our Infant and Pre-Primary students. Israa was born in Egypt and graduated from Alexandria University with a Degree in Primary Education. Israa loves being with children and this was the reason she embarked on a career in education.

She joined IM Schools in 2017 and is Mother to her two daughters Angie and Amy. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, playing with her kids and spending time with the family.

<strong><strong><strong><strong><strong>Ms. Vesile Uzun, Infant Assistant Teacher</strong></strong></strong></strong></strong>
Ms. Vesile Uzun, Infant Assistant Teacher
Ms. Vesile holds an Education Degree from Gazi University, Turkey. She joined IMSchools Royersford in November 2018. Prior to this, Ms. Uzun taught at various Middle Schools, in Turkey, for about six years. She has a passionate interest in teaching and is always in pursuit of finding innovative ways to teach children. In her spare time she likes reading and traveling.

Ms. Uzun is married and has two children. Her son is a student at International Montessori Schools, Royersford.