Faculty and Staff

<strong>Kishyia McKnight, School Director</strong>
Kishyia McKnight, School Director
Kishyia began her Montessori career in 1994 when she entered the field as an assistant teacher. As a young child, she attended a Montessori school in Wilmington, DE for a short time; however, the memories were long lasting. Kishyia has 2 wonderful children, born 20 years apart, and has 4 lovely grandchildren . Kishyia received her AMS 3-6 Montessori teaching certification in 2002 and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services. Over the years she has worked in the field as an Assistant teacher, Lead teacher, Director, Consultant and Teacher Trainer. Kishyia joined IMSchools in 2015 and continues to be inspired by her love for, and the curiosity of children.

<strong><strong>Neha Bhosale,<strong> Lead Teacher Primary 1</strong></strong></strong>
Neha Bhosale, Lead Teacher Primary 1
Neha Bhosale is originally from India where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Science, with a concentration in Chemistry. While there, Neha taught computer classes to Elementary and High School students. She moved to the USA after getting married. When her son attended preschool, Neha spent 2 years teaching young children in a traditional preschool setting. In 2011, she joined IMSchools. This is when Neha and fell in love with the Montessori philosophy and teaching techniques. Neha decided to enter into a Montessori teacher training program, earning her AMS 3-6 Montessori certification in 2015. Neha enjoys working with children and feels it is a gift to get to work with so many different learning styles, personalities, and preferences. She loves cooking and entertaining friends and family.

<strong><strong><strong>Beth Schock, Lead Teacher Primary 2/Before Care</strong></strong></strong>
Beth Schock, Lead Teacher Primary 2/Before Care
Beth Schock has an undergraduate degree in Child and Adolescent Studies from California State University. She received her AMS 3-6 Montessori certification in 2009 from the Montessori Institute for Teacher Education (MITE).

Beth is a Primary lead teacher and has been with IMSchools since 2007. She is a Montessori adult teacher trainer, specializing in Childhood Development.

<strong><strong><strong><strong>Ms. Lindsey Holl, Assistant Pre-Primary Teacher</strong></strong></strong></strong>
Ms. Lindsey Holl, Assistant Pre-Primary Teacher
Lindsey attended Penn State University where she studied Art in Elementary Education. Lindsey’s love of children stems from her early babysitting experiences as a teenager and she has many years of experience working with children since she joined IM Schools in 2008. In her spare time, Ms. Lindsey enjoys researching her family genealogy, outdoor activities including hiking and taking her boat out on the Chesapeake Bay for a day of fishing and crabbing.

<strong><strong><strong><strong><strong>Kim Brosnan-Myers, Older Enrichment</strong></strong></strong></strong></strong>
Kim Brosnan-Myers, Older Enrichment
Kim Brosnan-Myers leads our afternoon Primary Older Enrichment program. She is AMS certified for Primary and has been teaching at IMS schools and doing the After Care Program since 2008. Kim has taught music, art, science, and cultural geography along with language and Math. She lives on a small family farm near Kennett Square along with her husband, and many animals. Kim has two grown children who are still the main joy in her life. She enjoys gardening and traveling to new places.

<strong><strong><strong><strong><strong><strong>Ms. Sireesha Mooli, Assistant Teacher Primary 2/Before Care</strong></strong></strong></strong></strong></strong>
Ms. Sireesha Mooli, Assistant Teacher Primary 2/Before Care
Ms. Sireesha joined the West Chester location of International Montessori Schools in September 2018. Sireesha is from India where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce. Sireesha moved to the USA along with her husband after getting married. For over 6 years Sireesha has volunteered at Paoli Hospital in their Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) or recovery room. Sireesha enjoys working with children. She has 2 lovely daughters – 13 years & 11 years old, and has been an active mother in all volunteer activities in their schools. Sireesha enjoys cooking, traveling and watching movies.

<strong><strong><strong><strong><strong><strong><strong>Rajashree Amit William, Pre-Primary 2 Assistant</strong></strong></strong></strong></strong></strong></strong>
Rajashree Amit William, Pre-Primary 2 Assistant
Ms. Rajashree is from India where, in 2006, she earned her Post-Graduation diploma in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. She later earned her Bachelor’s degree in Science, majoring in Chemistry, and worked in the IT industry for 8 years.

After this, Rajashree decided to move into the field of Early Childhood Education and taught Kindergarten for two years. This experience increased her desire to interact more with children. She has a lovely 11 year old daughter and has been volunteering in her daughter’s school ever since she was in 1st grade. Rajashree moved to the USA in 2013. She loves traveling, painting and listening to music and is excited to be part of our school.

<strong><strong><strong><strong><strong><strong><strong><strong>Pavani Karnam, Assistant Teacher</strong></strong></strong></strong></strong></strong></strong></strong>
Pavani Karnam, Assistant Teacher
Ms. Pavani holds a Bachelor’s degree in Life Sciences and a Master’s degree in zoology and loves to work with children. Pavani is a mother of two teen boys and her family moved from India to the USA in 2010. Pavani loves cooking, watching movies, and listening to music.