Elementary (Grades 1-4)

Our Elementary Program (Grades 1-4) allows your child to continue on the path of Montessori Education. He/she will build on the previous Montessori experiences and move from the more concrete learning of the primary classroom to the more complex and abstract learning that students become ready for around age 6.

Maria Montessori often called the elementary curriculum, Cosmic Education. Cosmic Education is the total interrelated functioning of the whole universe, which allows elementary children to store and organize a great amount of knowledge from among a wide range of different subject matter areas and disciplines. IMSchools offers a specially-designed, dynamic curriculum that respects each child’s learning style and pace. Our elementary students learn reading, creative writing, grammar, and spelling; mathematics, including geometry; general science, botany, and zoology; history; geography; social studies; music; art; Chinese/French; and physical education. The Montessori mixed-age grouping continues in the elementary classroom, thus, providing children with a familiar learning environment that allows them to move through the curriculum at their own pace and at their individual levels.

The Montessori Elementary program provides an exceptional opportunity for the ongoing development of your child who has been nurtured in the Primary program. He/she is entering a new, rapidly developing period in her/his life. This imaginative, social, creative child needs a carefully planed physical environment and academic “curriculum” that will support her/his expending independence and potential. The Montessori Elementary program, for children between the ages of six and twelve, is designed to meet the needs of a child in this phase of development. This experience will influence not only her/his knowledge and skills, but also her/his attitude about learning for the rest of their life.

The elementary classroom environment, as the rest of the Montessori classrooms, is beautiful and thoughtfully prepared to support independent learning; it is child-centered, not adult-centered. There are many of the beautiful, inviting Montessori materials from the Primary classroom that can be found in the elementary, where a child will use them in new ways appropriate to their expanding mind.

An Elementary Montessori Classroom is a warm community; a multi-age, stimulating environment with highly trained teachers and materials that invite exploration and research. Children learn to face challenges with confidence and begin to find their own place in the world around them.

Montessori Elementary program allows children to transition well into other schools and programs. Over the four-five years spent in the elementary school children build social and academic skills and enthusiasm for learning. They are also flexible and adaptable. All of these skills will help them to assimilate easily into different academic and social environments.

Our elementary program focuses on:

  • Respect for child’s individual academic, social, emotional, & physical growth
  • Individual, small group, & whole group lessons
  • Freedom of movement
  • Opportunities to collaborate with peers
  • Social skills fostered to create peaceful community
  • Public speaking & leadership skills developed
  • Global citizenship