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Learning and working together gives us opportunities to learn about those different from us and also gain an appreciation for who we are as individuals. IMSchools’ students work towards recognizing, respecting and celebrating a rich diversity of cultures.  Each IMSchools campus brings together children and families from diverse backgrounds and creates participants and leaders in Montessori’s vision to create a new, peaceful world for our children.

Paoli and Great Valley Family, September 2017

As a teacher, I was very concerned about finding the right childcare for my son. We toured IMS Paoli and immediately fell in love with the director and beautiful school. Our son loved the independence that a Montessori program provided and really thrived in the pre primary classroom. He had attended a traditional daycare previously and frequently cried throughout the day and was very unhappy when he had to go to school. He is now in the primary classroom and it is really amazing how independent, mature, and self motivated he has become. Our babysitter commented on his personality saying that he is more mature than a seven year old she babysits and I know it’s due to the Montessori environment. Our 10 month old daughter goes to IMS Great Valley and Silvia is a baby whisperer. Our daughter did not leave my side for the first five months of her life but really bonded with Silvia. She is truly a gem. While I miss my children during the day, I have absolutely zero worries about them and know that they are happy and well cared for.

Paoli Family, September 2017

I wish I had found this school for my oldest daughter. But am so happy and thankful I found it for my second. She has come a long way since she started at International Montessori schools last year. She loves it and even goes to camp in the summertime with my oldest (who also loves it there). The variety of activities at her school have increased her independence and confidence more than words can say. She was very shy and quiet when she first started. Now she comes home telling me all about her friends and enjoys showing me what she has accomplished. Thank you to the international Montessori schools!

West Chester Campus

Although my husband grew up in a Montessori environment, IMS West Chester was my first experience with the Montessori teaching style and culture.  It has been amazing to see our son develop independence and empathy in such a safe and nurturing environment.  From his first week in the Toddler class, the staff have engaged intentionally with our family to meet our needs and encourage our son’s development.  Now that he is in the Primary class, we’re experiencing growth through mentoring as older students are modeling behavior and learning alongside of our son.  It’s a joy to see him looking up to older students, but subsequently, encouraging younger students living out the behavior that’s been modeled for him.

Grace, Kristy C.

Wilmington Campus

In the loving environment of International Montessori School, Wilmington campus, my daughter, Suhani, has blossomed into a curious, caring, independent individual. She really enjoys learning and is so excited about reading. Due to the Montessori structure and methods, I think Suhani is becoming well equipped to lead as she grows. Thank you!

Shaveta Kamal – Suhani (5 years)

Wilmington Campus

We love International Montessori School, Wilmington Campus for so many reasons. The teachers…… they are amazing, welcoming and caring, and you can truly tell they love each one of these children and treat them like their own. We chose this school because of the warm feeling we immediately got from our first visit and the welcoming nature of Karen and all the teachers. The teachers made the transition to the school beyond easy because of their reassurance that “everything will be fine”,…. and it was (just a few minutes after we left each day that first week!) Rhys continues to be excited to go to school everyday!

We absolutely love the Montessori program and the philosophy behind it. The practical life skills that Rhys has learned, his independence and “wanting to do things on his own” has grown tremendously! We are beyond happy with all the school has offered to Rhys so far and look forward to all of our children going to IMS, Wilmington! Thank you for all to do to keep Rhys safe and engaged in learning new skills on a daily basis.

Natalie Trait – Rhys (3)

Paoli Campus

I wanted to write since I wasn’t able to say good bye to anyone in person last week. We are so appreciative of everything that each teacher and team member did for Michael over the last 4 years. There was always such a strong sense of love and learning in each classroom. We will miss all of you – and of course, continue to recommend your beautiful school to other families. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the patience, guidance, nurturing and education you shared with our son. With gratitude,


Great Valley Campus

IMS Schools are truly international and celebrate diversity in the true sense of its word, while bringing out the best in each child, allowing them to grow at their individual pace. Additionally, the emphasis on arts, music and yoga and variety of exposure and activities allows the children to be more expressive and confident. Our daughter started at Great Valley Montessori at age ten months. She was happy, well-cared for and thrived in the Montessori environment. I loved that they fostered independence but allowed her to develop and discover at her own pace. She is now at a different school, and we miss IMS very much!

Anwesh Dutta – mom of Arianna Desai, IMS Great Valley

This institution is an equal opportunity caregiver and doesn't discriminate on the basis of race,color,religious creed,disability,ancestry,national origin or sex.