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International Montessori Schools at Paoli is an academic adventure of discovery and friendship. The high ceilings, spacious classrooms, and extraordinary gardens make this location feel like a sanctuary of peacefulness. From the toddler classroom to the oldest children, strong friendships are built as children collaborate to explore academic principles that delight the heart and mind.

In the toddler room the children listen with rapt attention as they practice precise vocabulary and broaden their experience base by matching objects with their proper names. They explore colors by painting on the easel, practice order through the setting of their table for lunch, and learn turn taking while reading books with a friend. They enjoy singing, uncovering wonders, and enjoying large motor practice in their outside environment complete with sand/water tables, playground equipment, and child size outdoor furniture.

The two primary classrooms are a joy to step into and children in these busy primary rooms are building a creation with the hand-crafted Montessori sensorial blocks, or practicing their fine motor finesse with the multitude of practical life materials. The children can often be seen dancing, playing instruments, counting beads, and using tiny tongs to transfer with glee.

The elementary program offers individualized attention for our grade school students as they expand their knowledge in math, science, language arts, social studies, poetry and music.


International Montessori Schools – Paoli
1510 Russell Road Paoli, PA 19301
(610) 640-3864

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