Malvern Campus

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From the outside, this charming cottage located within a half mile from Paoli Hospital in Malvern, PA looks like a family home — and the family inside is excited to play and learn! The giant maple and magnolia trees in the front yard provide shade and encourage hands-on discovery and science exploration with the many leaves, buds, and blooms hidden in the magnificent foliage.

Upon entering the foyer, the many windows and natural light fill the room, filtering around comfy child-sized furniture and shelves filled with materials beckoning children to come and discover. From the alphabet drawers to the spacious practical life area, you will come upon children entirely engrossed in their learning in every nook of the room. One child is reading to his younger friend, while another child is guided to count to 100 by her friend. One child is determined to scoop out all the marbles from her dish of water without spilling. At the next table a small child embroiders his name while another child practices using a wrench to affix nuts and bolts.

The toddler room is bright, spacious and inviting, and well-appointed with materials for active little learners. A large window overlooking the front yard is often used for identifying the visiting birds. Upon entering you may see children cooking with their teacher in the cheerful kitchen, placing every red item they can find into a basket, or reenacting their favorite page from “The Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle.

Adjacent to the Toddler room, you will find the Infant room-where everything here is designed to provide a safe and nurturing environment. Fluorescent lights have been replaced by natural light from windows and indirect lamps, to keep young eyes comfortable. In the Infant room, we believe attachment to the teacher is natural and necessary, and our wonderful teachers foster strong relationships with infants and parents alike. Throughout the day, loving arms cuddle and guide little ones to discover their surroundings and attain new skills.

In Malvern, dedicated teachers guide the child’s intellect, respect the child, and nurture the spirit. Come and experience the warm and friendly environment at International Montessori Schools at Malvern.


International Montessori Schools – Malvern
315 Central Avenue Malvern, PA 19355
(610) 644-2221