Infant (6 weeks through 18 months)

The Infant program is a loving, nurturing and beautiful environment that respects each infant’s need for nurturing, physical contact, and developmental exploration. Respect is the touchstone for The Nest program. Respect in every encounter for each child’s needs, routines, environment, development, and respect for the individual that he/she already is.

Pre-Primary (18 months through 3 years)

At this stage language development is actively pursued and it is imperative that your child is surrounded by rich and stimulating conversation. An 18 month old child, trying to blow bubbles, might be encouraged with “Blow! Can you make the air move just like the wind?” The toddler’s mind absorbs the new vocabulary, which plants the seeds for reading, writing and self-expression in the future.

Our bright and sunny toddler classrooms are designed for children ages 18 to 36 months. It is a world scaled down to your child’s size. Here your child paints, cooks, waters the garden, sweeps with miniature brooms, washes dishes and plays with materials that develop fine and gross motor coordination.

“Help me to do it by myself.” Very young children working toward independence in eating, dressing and toileting are really working toward what they want to do. We take each child as an individual, allowing them to go at his or her own pace, to achieve their independence.

Making new friends and learning how to function within a classroom community is a life shaping experience for your child. Children emerge from the toddler program with strong friendships and confidence, ready to thrive in our Primary setting.

Primary (3-6 years)

International Montessori School’s Primary program provides a rich, hands-on educational experience with didactic Montessori materials that develop concentration, coordination, independence, self-discipline and problem solving skills. Our dedicated, Montessori certified lead teachers and assistant teachers guide children through a specifically targeted curriculum designed for each individual child’s needs to reach his own full potential. Our faculty fosters the process of self-creation by providing an environment in which each child can develop independently at his or her own pace while still refining social, physical, intellectual and emotional skills. The children learn through doing, experiencing the joy of individual discovery and mastery. An essential aspect of Montessori Education and IM Schools mission is developing awareness of the interrelatedness of all life and humanity’s responsibilities toward it. To this end we have created rich cultural, science and geography areas and materials in addition to our Montessori materials. Through Music and Movement, Yoga, Art, foreign language study and sports clubs, children are involved in community development in addition to the individual uninterrupted work period. Our Primary students also participate in a peace education program, learning to listen actively, communicate positively, and create compromise and solutions.

Students are required to be 3 years old as of September 1st of the Academic year they are joining, and fully toilet-trained to enter this program.