“The greatness of the human personality begins at the hour of birth”
– Maria Montessori

Infant (6 weeks through 18 months)

Montessori viewed the youngest child as a new being in the process of self-creation.  Children at this age are developing rapidly and are dependent on the adults in their lives. They require a unique environment as they take their first steps towards formation of the person they will become.  Our teachers are focusing on treating each child with respect and warmth and supporting them in developing trust that will become a foundation for further development and growth. Our infant classrooms are loving, nurturing and beautiful environments that meet each infant’s need for physical contact, movement and developmental exploration. The touchstone for the infant program is respect for each child’s needs, routines, development, and respect for the individual that he/she already is. And our trained and nurturing teachers are there for each child to meet their needs and help them grow and blossom.