Our lunch table is the perfect time to practice the social, communication, and grace and courtesy skills that students are learning in the classroom. It is also a great place to put to use the great practical life skills that are presented to students in the classroom. Students are supported to independence by unpacking their own lunch, cleaning up their space after finishing, and working as a group to ensure that all tables are cleaned, floors swept and lunch boxes are put away. In addition, we encourage parents to allow their children to assist in selecting and packing healthy lunch choices and reusable containers and utensils each morning before school.

Are you or your child not quite ready for a full day program, but you could use an extra hour occasionally, weekly or monthly to finish that conference call, project or class? Do you want a little extra social and peer interaction for your child at the lunch table and on the play ground? Then Lunch Bunch is for you! Half day children are welcome to stay for lunch with the full day students and join them on the playground afterword during our Lunch Bunch program. You can do Lunch Bunch on a regular or ad hoc basis, 1-5 days a week. Please contact your campus of choice to receive specific information.