Great Valley Campus

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Welcome to International Montessori Schools at Great Valley! This was the first school established and has a rich history of delighted children and grateful parents. Housed in a former home, the school has a friendly kitchen, back porch, and gardens to match. This is a Montessori “Casa de Bambini” indeed.

The infant room has a sunny, safe feel that puts little ones at ease. Our gentle, loving teachers guide our tiniest students as they observe the lit up fish tank, explore hand drums, practice moving their bodies, and sleep soundly in the cozy sleeping room.

The toddler room invites toddlers to discover the world around them with Montessori materials. The children enjoy building their knowledge through the main components of a Montessori classroom: care of environment, care of self, movement, language, and grace and courtesy. The children are entranced by the bubbles swirling as they wash the tables. They love the repetition of dressing to go outside (“all by myself!”). The toddlers light up to see their names emerge from the letters they discover, and they love to master nursery songs in both Chinese and English. Outside, the playground provides safe, appropriate equipment for the children to climb, dig, push, pull, explore and drive. In addition, toddlers get their first experiences in gardening in our beautiful raised beds; and the experience of planting, nurturing, harvesting, and cooking is pretty exciting for these lively little ones.

The primary classroom’s many nooks and crannies are full of beautifully crafted Montessori materials waiting to be discovered by the children. The children are busily engrossed in their work, whether experimenting with gravity by building a tower with the cosmic nesting blocks, analyzing the decanomial, working to identify a found chrysalis. On eye-level shelving, Montessori materials for teaching math, language, and science are available at all times, as is the warm, supportive teacher who carefully chooses her moment to step in and offer a lesson.

The terraced playground beckons the children to swing, dig, pedal the merry-go-round, and play imaginatively with their friends. Our families agree — IMS at Great Valley is a wonderful place to be.


International Montessori Schools – Great Valley
75 Lancaster Avenue Malvern, PA 19355
(610) 240-0442