“The Child has other powers than ours, and the creation he achieves is no small one; it is everything.”
– Maria Montessori

Primary (Primary students aged 3 years through Kindergarten)

In our Primary classroom we foster the process of self-creation by providing an environment in which each child can develop independently at his or her own pace while still gaining those social, physical, intellectual and emotional skills needed to develop to his/her full potential. Our environment is designed to provide the child the opportunity to interact with as many aspects of the world as possible (at their own level). The children learn through doing, experiencing the joy of individual discovery and mastery. An essential aspect of Montessori Education and IMSchools mission is developing awareness of the interrelatedness of all life and humanity’s responsibilities toward it. To this end we have created rich cultural, science and geography areas and materials in addition to our didactic Montessori materials. Our Primary students also participate in a peace education program, learning to listen actively, communicate positively, and create compromise and solutions.

Students are required to be 3 years old as of September 1st of the Academic year they are joining, and fully toilet-trained to enter this program.