Wilmington Campus

Come on a tour of International Montessori School at Wilmington. Upon entering the campus, you will first notice the awe-inspiring trees and rolling fields that make this school feel like a nature retreat. This spacious school has gorgeous grounds and play places for children to explore and connect with the natural world.

This school is home to the Montessori Institute for Teacher Education. This building encompasses teacher training spaces, as well as ideal Montessori classrooms in which to educate children.

The Infant Program, for infants 6 weeks old through 18 months, is a classic Infant Montessori environment. Low shelving holds an array of exemplary Montessori materials for little ones to explore, and these materials are rotated to keep our tiniest students excited about learning! Infant teachers, Montessori-trained to assist the development of children this age, oversee and guide every aspect of your infant’s day. Our teachers encourage bonding and maintain consistency throughout the day in order to foster a deep sense of security in the infant. Careful notes are kept of your child’s daily activities and developments, to share and discuss with parents each day. Peacefulness and busy activity are the cornerstones of The Infant Program at Wilmington.

The Pre-Primary room at Wilmington is a wonderful place for toddlers to grow and learn. The classroom is full of natural light and enchants busy explorers to discover the world around them with Montessori materials. The children enjoy building their sense of self through the main components of a Montessori classroom: care of environment, care of self, movement, language, and grace and courtesy. The children are entranced with the window washing process. They love the repetition of making their own choice of “work,” placing it on a rug, and cleaning up their job when finished (“all by myself!”). The little ones light up to connect the first sound of their name with its symbol. “That’s MY letter!” they exclaim. Attached to the toddler room, one finds The Resting Room is complete with individually assigned beds for the children to use for napping.

The Primary room for ages 3yrs through Kindergarten boasts a fantastic layout that encourages children to explore the beautifully crafted Montessori materials. The wide windows allow natural light to shine on the children counting beads, concretely practicing division, testing what floats and what sinks, or singing happily with friends. Upon entering you may notice how the children are so happily engaged and choosing challenging work without the aid of a teacher. Welcome to Montessori! A prepared environment calls to the child so strongly to engage, enrich, and explore. All are excited to play and learn: architects, artists, dreamers, mathematicians, dancers… children.


International Montessori Schools – Wilmington
One Middleton Drive Wilmington, DE 19808
School: (302) 235-2554
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